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System and infraestructures

Become a technology leader with us

Outsource your Information Systems Department to us. We offer a comprehensive, personalised and multidisciplinary service, based on the talent of our team of technicians and experts.

We are constantly updating our services and we improve day by day with our market intelligence apparatus.

Operating Systems Administration

We manage the main operating systems (Linux, MacOS, Windows and JunOS) so that they are continuously available, monitored and protected, keeping them running smoothly.

  • General Administration of Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems
  • General administration of Windows and Linux servers
  • General administration of Android, iOS mobile operating systems
  • DNS services administration
  • Administration of Active Directory, LDAP
  • Administration of FTP services
  • Administration of DHCP services
  • Administration of Web services. Apache, Tomcat, IIS
Database Administration

We develop and maintain databases with the highest integrity, security and performance.

  • General database management
  • Data modelling and database design
  • Auditing
  • Application integration
  • Data backup and recovery
  • Business intelligence and data warehousing
  • Capacity planning
  • Change management
e-Infrastructure Management and IaaS

We provide access to servers, clouds and networks to automate tasks and digitally transform your business, without having to maintain and protect the hardware infrastructure yourself.

  • We are experts in Vmware, Microsoft and Citrix infrastructures
  • Solutions through Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
  • Tailor-made hosting services with our CPD’s
  • Resource optimisation
  • Virtual VLAN configuration
  • High availability
(Cyber)security and business continuity management

We develop tailor-made security and cyber security plans and actions, while recovering data and operations in the event of downtime or loss.

  • Information access permissions management
  • Internal security audits
  • Quality audits of computer systems, LOPD (Data Protection Act)
  • Contingency and redundancy plans
  • Monitoring of servers and services
  • High availability by clustering services
  • Administration of backups and NAS
  • Administration of physical and software firewalls
Solutions for Continuous Integration

Let us solve the complexities of development, enabling app and software vendors to improve their speed, quality and responsiveness.
Provide a better experience for your developers, and deliver and deploy code quickly.

  • Manage development tools
  • Manage tools for code version control, SVN and GIT
  • Manage tools for automatic deployment and unit testing
  • Manage tools for viewing code quality
Email Solutions

Facilitate communication and efficiency in your organisation with our email solutions, with support included.
We improve the usability, security and storage space of your email system.

  • Microsoft Exchange Server Administration
  • Zimbra Administration
  • Email service for clients
  • Outsourced services solutions
Open Source Solutions

We integrate in your organisation the most avant-garde and productive solutions for all your strategic needs: web presence, ecommerce, document management, email marketing…

  • Informative websites
  • Online shops
  • Incident or ticket systems
  • Document managers
  • Customer relationship management
  • Project management
  • Mail solutions
Hardware, Software & Licensing Suppliers

We provide top quality hardware and tools to help you take your digital business to the next level.

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Servers
  • Reprographic systems
  • Disk cabinets
  • Firewalls
  • Network electronics
  • Windows, VMWare, VEEAM and Cisco licences

Las ventajas de nuestro servicio System and infraestructures


Saving time
Our service and support frees up time for organisations to focus on their strategy

Cost savings
We provide only the resources that are needed, either on an ongoing or ad hoc basis, freeing you from the fixed costs of having your IT department in-house
Accessibility and usability
We help you at all times to integrate, use and benefit from IT services
Quality guarantee
Our 20 years of experience with a wide range of clients allows us to adapt to your case quickly and guarantee maximum efficiency

Benefits of System and infraestructures


Quality of service

Fast, efficient and highly responsive services for any need



The highest level of protection, we comply with the LOPD and the RGPD


Certified Experience

More than 20 years of experience in the sector


Increased Profitability

Save costs and time, we take care of everything for you

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